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 Case Management
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altCase Management services include mental health case management, transportation, mentoring services, services for those with developmental disabilities and services for at risk youth. The services link children and adults diagnosed with mental illness and at risk of needing a higher level of care with support services in the community.

Mental Health Case Management

A Case Manager assists youth, adults and their families with completing referrals to financial, social, medical, mental health, addiction and other appropriate providers so that they may improve their ability to function in the community. Services include, but are nto limited to: assessments, individualized planning, monitoring of services and advocacy. Services are provided in the home and community.

Consent forms to be completed by therapists, psychiatrists or other behavioral health professionals are attached and available for download.

Adult services: Download the referral application form. 
Child services: Download the referral application form. 
This service is provided by the Case Management Program.

Mentor Services

The Worcester County Health Department operates at least two mentoring programs within the county: Juvenile Drug Court Mentoring Program and the Care Coordination Mentoring Program. 
Our programs serve a wide range of youth ages six through 18 and most frequently target youth who are returning from out of home placement, are in danger of being placed out of the home due to behaviors, and youth who are experiencing difficulties in school, in their home and in their community. All of our mentoring programs are family oriented and focus not only on assisting the youth, but also helping family members. 

Mentoring is also a component of Care Coordination that is offered to a limited number of youth evaluated through Alternative Directions. Mentoring is offered to the parent/guardian and youth as a short-term service provided for several months. If the parent/guardian and youth accept this service, a general permission slip needs to be signed along with a mentoring contract.  The mentoring component of Care Coordination exists primarily to reconnect families. 

Target Population: High-risk adolescents in need of a stable role model.

How do families become involved in our programs? 
 We receive referrals from the Alternative Directions Program, Juvenile Drug Court, Department of Juvenile Services, and various other agencies that have concerns about a youth and/or family in the community. 

So what do mentoring programs provide?
 Overall, mentors provide social and emotional support, school assistance, advocacy, personal development, parent support, linkages to outside resources, career development, and cultural and recreational support and activities. Our mentors do this by offering friendship, listening, teaching, helping with homework, assisting families in identifying community resources, talking about peer pressure, teaching good work habits, playing games, sports and hosting family dinners. 

All youth could benefit from a positive role model: a mentor.
 We are always looking for volunteers to help the families and the youth in our community! If you are interested in learning more about our programs and what you can do to help, contact us at the 

Berlin Health Center at 410-629-0164. 
Location: 9730 Healthway Drive. Berlin, MD 
Telephone: 410-629-0164

 This service is provided by the Case Management Program.

Developmental Disabilities - Services

The Developmental Disabilities program provides an entry point for individuals with disabilities residing in Worcester County. Resource Coordination for individuals with developmental disabilities works towards assisting individuals in locating services such as: medical, social, vocational, educational, recreational, counseling, transportation, legal, behavior management, respite, etc. Resource Coordinators are responsive to the needs expressed by all individuals and will actively advocate for services needed.


An individual is eligible for a full range of services if he/she has a severe chronic disability that:
  • Is attributed to a physical or mental impairment, other than the sole diagnosis of mental illness, or to a combination of mental and physical impairments;
  • Is manifested before the individual attains the age of 22;
  • Is likely to continue indefinitely;
  • Results in the inability to live independently without external support or continuing and regular assistance;
  • Reflects the need for a combination and sequence of special, interdisciplinary, or generic care, treatment, or other services that are planned and coordinated for that individual.

(Health General 7-101[e])

An individual is eligible only for support services if he/she has a severe chronic disability that:
·          Is attributed to physical or mental impairment, other than the sole diagnosis of mental illness, or to a combination of mental and physical impairments.
·          Is likely to continue indefinitely.

(Health General 7-403[c])

How to apply for services:

Download Developmental Disabilities Application Form (find link

This service is provided by the Case Management Program.

Here are some web sites you may find helpful.

Children’s Medical Services (CMS)

The program’s goal is to assist families in obtaining special medical care for children with chronic illness or disabling conditions as a payer of last resort. This program generally assists families who do not have medical insurance, or families who have medical insurance that is NOT able to cover the child’s medical needs/treatment. 

General Eligibility for the program:

1.        Be a Maryland resident.

2.        Be younger than 22 years old.

3.        Meet medical requirements: have a diagnosed, or suspected, chronic illness or disability that requires medical evaluation and/or treatment.

4.        Meet financial eligibility requirements. This is determined by the size and income of the family unit. Family unit includes members living in the child’s household. Medical deductions may help the family qualify for services.

Services and Specialty Services commonly covered               

1.        Visits to specialists.

2.        Elective inpatient procedures.                                                 

3.        Medications.

4.        Therapies.           

5.        Lab Work/X-Ray.

6.        Medical equipment.

7.        Cardiology.

8.        Oncology.

9.        Plastic surgery (facial defects).

 This service is provided by the Case Management Program.

Infants and Toddlers

Infants and Toddlers Program is a coordinated effort between county agencies to provide early intervention services for infants and toddlers and their families (ages 0-5) with developmental delays. The services offered are designed to enhance a child’s potential for growth and development before he or she reaches school age.  

Your child and family may be eligible if your child is under the age of three and: 
-is experiencing at least a 25% delay in any developmental area, or
-is developing in a way that is considered out of the ordinary for most children, or
-has a diagnosed condition that is likely to affect development (example: prematurity, vision or hearing impairment).

Anyone who has a concern about a child’s development can make a referral by calling the single point of entry at (410)632-5033.  

Berlin Health Center
9730 Healthway Drive Berlin, MD 21811
(410) 629-0164

This service is provided by the Case Management Program.

Maryland Children’s Health Program

The Maryland Children's Health Program provides medical insurance coverage for pregnant women and children under the age of 19 who are Maryland residents.  This program offers free health care for pregnant women and children with low to average incomes.  Medical services are provided through HealthChoice, Maryland's Managed Care Program.

This service is provided by the Case Management Program.
MCHP Premium is a low cost income health plan for uninsured children up to age 19.  MCHP Premium is for families with incomes above the MCHP limit.  By paying one low monthly premium per family, children can get health care through Health Choice.  To apply for this program, answer yes to the question on the MCHP application regarding your willingness to pay a premium if you do not qualify for the free coverage under MCHP.  If you have any questions regarding this program, you can call 1-800-456-8900 or go on the website:

Some of the benefits for children include:

  • Doctor Visits                        
  • Hospital Care
  • Check-ups                           
  • Dental Care
  • Vision Care
  • Prescriptions
  • Immunizations

Some of the benefits for pregnant women include:

  • Prenatal doctor visits                                         
  • Prescription medications
  • Hospital delivery bill           
  • Lab work and tests
  • Dental Care

To apply for the program:

Contact 1-800-456-8900 and request an application
Pick up an application at your local Health Department or Department of Social Services
Go to the website: to print an application

Contact :  Worcester County Health Department MCHP Program

In Berlin: (410)629-0164            In Pocomoke:(410)957-2005
*  Layne Buckler                           *  Judy Ennals
*  Jaclyn Andress
*  Jimmy Banks

This service is provided by the Case Management Program


Care Coordination


The Care Coordination Program serves youth and families identified by the Alternative Directions Program as in need of intensive case management services.  This includes youth that are involved with the Department of Juvenile Services, youth that have a mental illness or substance abuse issue, and youth that need help accessing community resources. 


The Care Coordination offers support to families that need assistance in obtaining community resources such as, links to mental health treatment, recreational activities, mentoring services, legal assistance, substance abuse treatment, parenting classes, family therapy, etc.  Our program can help you make the connection to the services you need!

Services are provided for one year, with intensive services provided for the first three months.   The Care Coordination Program also provides mentoring services, as recommended by Alternative Directions (to learn more about mentoring services, see our link under Case Management).

If you have any questions regarding the Care Coordination Program, please call us at the Berlin Health Center at:  410-629-0164.


These services are provided by the Case Management Program.